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Welcome to Protect Group, Australia’s paint protection applicator. Introducing Premium Shield, the best protective shield for your vehicle.

Bonnets, bumpers, headlights, mirrors and other panels of your vehicle can be covered, whether it’s a car, truck, trailer or van, we’ve got you covered – literally!

Premium Shield Ultra

Premium Shield Elite

Premium Shield Elite Self Healing

Protect Group

Protect Group is the first National specialist in Paint Protection Film in Australia.  Protecting your valuable asset from stone chips, scrapes and abrasions.

With computer cut patterns, we are able to supply you with the perfect finish for your vehicle using the most advanced paint protection film available in todays market.  Manufactured in the USA to the highest standard by PremiumShield; PremiumShield offers a full manufacturers warranty which is second to none.

Protect Group has the most highly trained, professional installers who pride themselves on the quality of the installation and workmanship on every vehicle.

Our Services & Offers

Protect your vehicle with our Premium Shield Elite Self Healing protection system with a lifetime warranty.




  • Leading Edge Bonnet Protector
  • Headlight Protector




  • Leading Edge Bonnet Protector
  • Headlight Protector
  • Front Bumper Protector




  • Leading Edge Bonnet Protector
  • Headlight Protector
  • Front Bumper Protector
  • Door Cups
  • Top of Rear Bumper
  • Wing Mirrors
  • A-Pillars
  • Leading Edge Roof




  • Full Bonnet Protector
  • Full Front Guards
  • Headlight Protector
  • Front Bumper Protector
  • Door Cups
  • Top of Rear Bumper
  • Wing Mirrors
  • A-Pillars
  • Leading Edge Roof


What our customers think of Premium Shield

Thorpe Custom Trucks

We customise trucks and run a few of our own up the highway. When the Protect Group approached me with their stone chip film I was very sceptical that it would work.  Having to watch my trucks take a hammering, I decided to try it. I was that impressed, I have slowly put it on all my trucks and recommend it to all my customers.  This is a great product and I will never buy another truck without putting it on.

Leon Thorpe

Detour Transport

The money we spend on putting trucks on the road and looking the part is huge. To find a product that not only stops Stone chips but protects our assets is a win win. I put it on my Volvo VH which has had a bit done to it and the results have been great. I have experienced small amount of rubbing on the walk plates but nothing compared to normal wear and tear. Finally a product that works and doesn’t look bad. My Kenworth’s had those rotten blankets on the front, can’t see this stuff.  I have had people say what film and have to show them up close.  Thanks to Protect Group for listening to the industry and coming up with a solution for all.


Devil’s Advocate.

The devil is my pride and joy and after spending a bit on it, Leon Thorpe suggested I put some paint protection on the front.  The boys at Protect Group come out, made patterns and put it all over the devil.  Not only the front but my steps, fuel tanks, mud guards, walk plates and even on my Texas bar.  Which reminds me, I ran up a cars bum and thought I would need to respray the bar.  When we went to remove the film to repair the bar, don’t you reckon I was amazed when I saw that the bar was fine underneath.  I gave her a good nudge.  I will always be putting this on my trucks.


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Pricing & Plans

Different packages are offered for different vehicles. Here at Protect Group, you can have your vehicle protected from stone chips from as low as $299.

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At the Protect Group, we specialise in paint protection film in Melbourne and paint protection film in Victoria. We understand how infuriating it can be when the paintwork on your vehicle gets damaged. What may initially look innocuous can become a more serious problem if the metal becomes exposed to the elements. Our car chip protection in Melbourne uses the leading paint protection film in Australia, giving you clear bra paint protection in Melbourne; indeed, clear bra paint protection across the region.

Of course, we appreciate that other companies are offering PPF car protection, often advertising as “PPF Victoria” or “PPF Melbourne”. However, we use the best car paint protection coating that is the ideal clear protective film for cars. Over the years, we have become passionate about car paint protection and protection film. Demand for PPF film, particularly PPF film in Melbourne, has risen dramatically in the last decade. PPF wrap provides superb protection for your vehicle whilst also looking stylish, helping you stand out from the crowd.

We have found that car coating and PPF for car are now something that most people want and need. When you are searching for car paint protection film, you want to be confident that you are using the best paint protection film installers, and at the Protect Group, this is what you will receive. In the past, paint protection film in Melbourne and paint protection film in Victoria had been primarily used on older vehicles. However, new car paint protection and new car paint protection in Melbourne is now extremely popular.

PPF car wrap, a clear protective film in Melbourne and all our protective coating for cars provide car chip protection, acting as car stone chip protection, protects your vehicle’s paintwork meaning that it will look as good as new several years after you purchased it! As it is a clear protective film, it is the perfect protective coating for cars regardless of their colour. We only use the best car paint protection coating, have the latest, state of the art equipment and all our teams have received extensive training to ensure that they are the best in the business.

Car chip protection in Melbourne using the finest paint protection film in Australia will leave your friends, family and colleagues envious of your “new” car. If you opt for new car paint protection in Melbourne, it will undoubtedly be a wise move, helping your vehicle to retain its value, should you want to sell. PPF car protection and stone chip protection film are something that you should consider today. Please take a look at the examples of PPF wrap in Melbourne and PPF film in Melbourne on our website.

With our business operation based in Melbourne, Victoria, but we also have a national network of qualified installers, the Protect Group is Australia’s only national supplier and installer of car paint protection film (PPF).

All of our PPF car wrap protection products are supplied through an exclusive deal with our partner, Premium Shield, meaning that we can offer you a fantastic range of options when you are looking for protection for your car’s paint from stone chip damage, bugs, bird lime and scratching.

Whether you are looking for a complete PPF car wrap to offer protection to the paintwork of your precious new car, or simply protection for your headlights and leading edge of your bonnet our specialist team can meet your needs.

Premium Shield’s outstanding protective coating for cars is available in 3 grades, dependant on the level of protection that you require. All grades of the clear protective film, which is virtually invisible, are comprised of 5 distinct layers which work together to offer the best car paint protection coating available anywhere around the country.

‘Premium Shield Self Healing’ and ‘Premium Shield Elite’ PPF car coatings not only offer your car supreme protection from stone chip damage and scratching but have superior stain resistant qualities that will preserve the looks of your car. And furthermore, both of these PPF wraps come with a lifetime warranty. The standard ‘Premium Shield’ PPF car wrap provides the same level of protection in every respect other than in stain resistance and comes a with a 12-month warranty.

Having a comprehensive database of nearly all cars, vans and trucks on the roads today ensures that the right film can be provided for your car, whether you opt for clear bra paint protection, other targeted areas of high wear – or a full PPF wrap. Precision cut by computers and contoured exactly to match the curves and angles of each individual panel and installed by our highly skilled specialists, every single piece of PPF will be delivered to the most exacting of standards, leaving your vehicle with a great looking finish which is indiscernible to the naked eye.

Once applied there is no need for any special maintenance for the PPF, in fact looking after it is remarkably simple, requiring shampooing on a regular basis as you would normally with your car – and there is no need for waxing or polishing either.

Protect Group’s fully mobile service is happy to be able to provide drivers in Melbourne and all across our country with the very best new car paint protection. Investing in a new vehicle is a significant financial commitment and for a relatively small extra cost you can protect and preserve that ‘just out of the showroom’ look.

Contact us now to book an appointment or to get a quote to start the process of protecting your vehicle. Protect Group – supplying a premier customer service and the very best of products in the field of PPF wrap and coating in Melbourne. If you would like more information about our car paint protection or paint protection film, please call us on 03 6285 9341 or 03 6285 9336, or you can book an appointment online. Our helpful team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all your PPF Melbourne and PPF Victoria needs