How do I retain the value of my car?

Jan 29, 2020 | Latest News | 0 comments

One question many new car owner has in mind is; “ How do I retain the value of my car?”

Unfortunately, as soon as the car leaves the showroom, damage starts so does its reduction in value.

 Paint Protection Film is a great, low-maintenance way of keeping your car’s exterior in its best condition. It will be easier to clean, and owners would not need to worry so much about polishing or small bits of scratches as Premium Shield’s PPF has can self-heal! Therefore, it will help maintain the value of a new car and make maintenance a whole lot easier.

 When considering whether to invest on Paint Protection Film , it’s important to see how you use your vehicle:

  • Do you have a garage?
  • Will it be parked under trees where birds might roost on?
  • Are you driving it every day?
  • What sort of roads are you driving?
  • How often are you planning to clean and maintain your vehicle’s paintwork?

 Paint Protection Film can help in these areas and be valuable when it comes to keeping it in its best condition possible.

 Benefits may include:

  • Protection against stone chips
  • Protection against bird droppings:
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases your car’s resale value: when you are planning to sell your car, the exterior is one of the areas that will be examined for marks and any imperfections will bring down the cost of your car.


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